The Sharkfin Banner is one of the most popular choices in the outdoor branding range. It has a very unique rounded teardrop type shape, which offers you maximum exposure, whilst it is very light-weight and convenient to pack down into a small carry bag. This banner is a sure winner for all outdoor branding opportunities and works best in sets of 4 or 6 next to each other. Sharkfin Banners, Teardrops or Flying Fin Banners as they are also known, give you maximum impact on a large surface which is very visible from a distance and may be used indoors (with extra optional cross base stand and water bag) or outdoors with a ground spike.

They offer many advantages:

Visibility: unlike flags, the message is always visible, as they never sag down.
Universal usage: they can be used both indoors (indoor cross base) and outdoors (ground spike).
Ability to handle high winds, easy rotate on their base so they work with the wind.
Portability: the carry bag is only 1.2m long and weighs just 2kg.
Aesthetically pleasing appearance.
One kit can accommodate multiple faces.

Sharkfin Specs:

·         Three sizes: Small 2.2m, Medium 3.2m, Large 4.2m

(Note measurement of the flag system includes the ground stake - the fabric size is as per templates supplied)

 ·        Aluminium and Fibreglass rod combo 

·         Ground Spike (long and sturdy) 

·         Carry Bag (1,2m, lightweight)

 Extra Options: (These cost extra and are not included as standard items)

·         Indoor cross base with a 12L or 20L water bag

·         Deluxe ground peg with bearings for easy swivel in the wind

·         60 or 90 degree angle mounting bracket for wall mounting

·         4 pole base plate to create a cluster system

·         Deluxe carry bag

·         Special clamps to mount Sharkfin poles onto sides of a gazebo  

Sharkfin Print Options:

·         Dye Sublimated full colour single sided print (this is the most popular) and is very cost effective. It allows you to achieve a 80-90% strike-through (see both sides). 

·         Dye Sublimated full-colour double-sided print, which has two layers sewn together with a block-out in the middle, so you can clearly read your logo on both sides. 

 Suggestion/Tip: Use special gazebo mount to get an incredible effect on your gazebo